Why Tracking Owner Satisfaction is Crucial

Evaluating customer satisfaction is essential for maintaining business operations over the long run. As the property management market witnesses a growing influx of participants, catering to travelers holds significance, yet retaining property owners is equally crucial.

Commencing owner satisfaction involves assessing their level of contentment. We are certain that you have likely received organic feedback from some of them, or you might have sought testimonials to appeal to potential clients.

However, have you standardized the feedback collection process from your property owners throughout your collaboration and incorporated corrective measures to showcase your responsiveness and continual enhancements?

In this article, we explain how we facilitate the establishment of such a continuous improvement process within our RentalReady PMS.

What is an NPS and why is it important?

The NPS or Net Promoter Score is an indicator that allows you to monitor customer satisfaction. In reality, beyond mere satisfaction, the NPS measures the likelihood that a customer would recommend your services to another potential customer.

The value of this score, unlike conducting occasional surveys, lies in tracking the evolution of your property owners’ sentiment over time. Thus, if you make changes to your processes or introduce new tools, you can measure the impact of these changes on your relationship with property owners.

How to track owner satisfaction?

Certainly, there are numerous solutions that enable you to survey your property owners and gather their opinions on your services at specific points:

  • Sending an email
  • Making a phone call
  • Sharing a Google Form

However, the issue with these solutions is that they are not integrated into your everyday tools, specifically your PMS, and they also exist outside the environment you share with your property owners.

Why we chose Survicate

Compared to other survey tools, Survicate delivers a 30% higher response rate, providing a clearer perspective.

Survicate seamlessly integrates with dozens of popular tools, enabling you to delve deeper into your results using the BI tools you already use. Survicate was one of the few solutions that we could seamlessly integrate into RentalReady and the owner’s space.

When you want to capture someone’s attention to gather their feedback, asking them the right question at the right time and through the right channel is crucial.

You’re well aware of how essential it is for us at RentalReady to offer a highly integrated working ecosystem. That’s why we chose to deeply integrate the Survicate solution into the supports and features accessible to property owners.

The Benefits of Cultivating Owner Relationships

Implementing these customer satisfaction measurement actions can yield numerous short-term and long-term benefits:

Transparency with your property owners: In addition to the comprehensive owner space provided by RentalReady, you can show them that you care about the quality of your services and are open to constructive feedback.

Simplicity in collection: Creating a new survey is all it takes, and you can be certain it will be automatically presented to your property owners in the right place at the right time.

Standing out from competitors: As mentioned before, the competition is fierce. Managers who adopt a comprehensive and professional approach while prioritizing service quality will undoubtedly set themselves apart.

Have you started working on this topic? What results have you achieved?

Whether you are using our PMS or not (yet), try out Survicate now to measure your owner satisfaction.