Unveiling the new RentalReady

As a frontrunner in property management software, we’re proud to announce a fresh new RentalReady look that goes hand in hand with a groundbreaking set of features. Our revamped logo captures the essence of our mission – to revolutionize the hospitality industry with innovation and creativity.

new rentalready logo

Our logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a representation of our dedication to providing solutions that seamlessly fit together, much like the pieces of a puzzle. At the same time, it also reflects the robust foundation we offer to property managers, akin to the footprints of buildings that make up a thriving community. This evolution marks a significant step in RentalReady’s journey towards becoming a game-changer in the property management industry.

“Reaching a higher echelon, we needed an image that reflects RentalReady’s current status,” said François Lavie, our Chief Technology Officer. “The number of true enterprise-level solutions for vacation rental management can be counted on one hand. The new brand announces our arrival among them.”

rentalready airbnb preferred partner label

But that’s not all; RentalReady has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming a part of Airbnb’s exclusive club – the Airbnb Preferred Partner program. This prestigious affiliation opens the door for RentalReady users to access Airbnb’s official APIs for calendars, messaging, and quality metrics. It’s a game-changer, enabling real-time synchronization and rapid issue resolution, ultimately delivering an unparalleled experience for short-term rental property managers.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, RentalReady has integrated two new Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) into our channel manager, one of which is exclusively available on our platform. The book.guestready.com reservation site, operated by our parent company, offers a unique advantage to RentalReady users. Through this platform, hosts can tap into distribution through Google Travel, a dynamic channel that has already captured double-digit market share for some of our clients. This addition to our in-house channel manager is just one among a dozen native products included in our comprehensive hospitality suite.

What’s new at RentalReady

Our elevated status with top channels comes swiftly on the heels of several AI-driven updates. New RentalReady takes pride in being the first Property Management Software (PMS) to introduce cutting-edge AI features that are now finalists for industry awards. These innovations, developed by our team of 25 dedicated developers, are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry:

  • Bespoke, On-Demand Guest Itineraries: Providing a personalized touch for every guest.
  • “Improve with AI” Button: Enhancing guest communications by offering intelligent suggestions.
  • Mood Detection and Suggested Responses: Streamlining communication within our unified mailbox.
  • Smart Replies to Guest Reviews: Simplifying the process of responding to guest feedback.

“We believe all the essentials to run your property management business should be under one roof,” said Joe Siart, our Managing Director. “Your PMS should provide a single point-of-contact fully responsible for addressing not only your technical needs, but also providing insight and advice to improve your hospitality business.”

Join the future of short-term rental industry with us

Our commitment to providing these essentials is vividly reflected in our brand-new website, which has just gone live. This website launch coincides with a series of exciting announcements:

  1. New Integration Partners: Expanding our ecosystem to offer even more value to our users.
  2. New Hires: Welcoming talented individuals to enhance our team.
  3. Recruitment: Growing our team to better serve our customers.

We invite property managers and hospitality professionals to join us at a series of upcoming events in London, Barcelona, Nice, and Paris. The first opportunity to meet the RentalReady team and explore our innovations will be at the Scale Rentals UK show held at the America Square Conference Centre in London next Tuesday and Wednesday. You can request a demonstration of RentalReady here.

With this new RentalReady, we’re not just about software; we’re about transformation. Our new brand identity and powerful features reflect our unwavering commitment to helping property managers thrive in the dynamic world of short-term rentals. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter future for the hospitality industry.