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The power of a unified inbox for your short-term rentals

Managing communication with travelers requires impeccable organization. This is why today we want to address the subject of the unified inbox for your short-term rental, a practical and easy-to-use tool.

In France, the short-term rental market is gradually approaching the one million accommodations mark. A large portion of these units is managed by private individuals (chambres d’hôtes, investor-owned properties, secondary homes). Professionals operate another portion of this offer.

Although one might imagine that a professional would be more efficient than an individual, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Managing numerous properties or just one requires different levels of commitment and availability.

Lack of optimised processes, poor choice of tools or even a lack of them, can be some of the reasons why professionals find themselves drowning in the flow of guest communications, to the point of completely losing track and offering a degraded experience to their guests.

Being efficient and offering guests a quality experience is not an option, especially in a tourism landscape that is more saturated than ever with offers and competition. This is where a feature like the unified inbox for short-term rental developed by RentalReady comes into play.

What is a unified inbox for short-term rentals?

power of unified inbox for your short-term rental
You can receive several emails from your guests before their stay

If you already have experience with short-term rental accommodation, you will almost certainly have exchanged messages with your guests via Airbnb or any other rental platform for that matter.

Each platform has its own inbox, which you can use to communicate with guests who have booked on the platform.

For the same accommodation, you may have 3 bookings from 3 different platforms (Airbnb, Booking and VRBO, for example), in which case you will need to communicate with guests via each platform’s inbox.

Let’s imagine that you’re using a Channel Manager (or PMS) that allows you to receive direct bookings, which adds a fourth booking platform to manage, with its own inbox (from your Channel Manager / PMS).

Imagine this scenario with 20 properties to manage and hundreds of reservations. Your job is no longer to be a concierge or a manager, but rather that of a circus artist, skilled in the art of juggling, constantly switching between different inboxes.

What we call a unified inbox for short-term rentals solves this problem by consolidating all the message flows from the different platforms in a single location. In this case, in our RentalReady unified inbox.

We make this possible because, as an official partner of the booking platforms, we have integrated a specific part of their API, which allows messages to be synchronised.

The importance of centralising conversations in your PMS

unified inbox for your short-term rental is  useful to communicate
Emails, calls, text messages… There are various ways to communicate between hosts and travalers

Why is it important to centralise guest communications in your PMS ? Firstly, because your PMS is your control tower, even more so when it’s a complete solution like RentalReady.  It is from there that you and your team will manage your entire business and operations with your team.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that everyone has access to the same level of information.

If you’ve already built your guest journey (a sequence of emails sent to guests from booking to departure), you know that it can be tricky to strike the right balance of information to share with guests and to share that information at the right time. Poor timing or excessive communication can overwhelm guests, causing them to miss important details like the check-in process, departure time, or house rules.

A word of advice : make fictional bookings from time to time to test your own passenger journey and see if any adjustments need to be made.

Another important point that justifies centralising your conversations is the integration of automated messages (guest journey) with manual messages (responses to specific questions and guest queries). Having the complete discussion thread on the same screen, bringing together your automated messages and other ad-hoc exchanges, gives you perfect visibility. It enables each member of your team to seamlessly pick up the conversation and respond effectively.

At any time, if you notice that a guest is reaching out to you and you end up assisting them manually, you can disable the automatic email sending from the conversation. This prevents the guest from receiving duplicate information and ensures a smoother communication experience.

Features and actions available from the unified inbox

But a unified inbox for short-term rentals doesn’t stop at these benefits, especially when it’s designed to be the cornerstone of daily management. Let us show you what we have planned to push back the boundaries of guest communication: 

Actions integration

In order for managers to truly be able to handle everything from the RentalReady inbox, we needed to integrate actions from certain platforms. That’s what we’ve done with VRBO and Airbnb, enabling actions such as responding to booking requests, pre-approvals, and special offers. This means that for those managing properties where instant booking is not enabled, these actions can be performed directly from RentalReady.

Advanced communication organisation thanks to a unified inbox for your short-term rental

Just like the most advanced CRMs, we enable our users to perfectly organise this flow of messages in the inbox: 

  • Ability to assign messages to specific team members/employees (ideal if you have agents dedicated to reservation requests, requiring a commercial aspect, and others handling guest relations during their stay)
  • Ability to escalate a conversation thread to a higher-level manager
  • Organise conversations and messages by folders, for easy retrieval of exchanges by topic
  • Snooze/mute feature for conversations, allowing them to be temporarily hidden until a response is ready
  • Support for file attachments, enabling easy sharing of media and PDFs with guests for assistance.

These features will enable you to build a truly professional communication process that will evolve as your business and your team develop.

Get a truly comprehensive view with a unified inbox

We’ve been talking about communication and centralising exchanges in one interface, but another huge advantage of this unified communication in your PMS is having at a glance all the essential information about the guest you’re currently engaging with. 

Is it an ongoing stay? Is it a regular customer? What about the payment status for their stay or deposit ?

unified inbox for your short-term rental
A single space to communicate with travelers very easily: the RentalReady unified inbox for your short-term rental has many advantages

Forget about having dozens of windows open on your web browser just to access all the necessary information. We’ve done this work for you by allowing you to access all this useful information directly from the conversation screen.

Risks and consequences of fragmented communication management

As you’ll have realised, without this centralization and unification of information, you’ll face a real loss of time and efficiency. Not to mention the impression you’ll give to guests, risking too long response times or inconsistencies in your communication.

And let’s not forget about your teams, who will also waste precious time searching for important information. Being able to quickly find information is a sign of professionalism. Imagine the look on a property owner’s face when they ask if guests mentioned having a pet in their initial messages, and you’re scrambling between Airbnb, your PMS, and finally opening your SMS and WhatsApp to find the answer.

If you want to run this business professionally and make it profitable, you need to act accordingly, using the methods of the industry’s leading companies that benefit from this type of technology.

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