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Tech co. or Property Mgt. co.- which one understands you best ?

In the competitive arena of property management, choosing the right Property Management System (PMS) can be pivotal to your success. As a property manager, the decision isn’t just about picking software with the most features; it’s about finding a partner that understands the nuances of your business and can grow alongside it. This blog post explores why selecting a PMS software developed by a company that also manages properties—such as RentalReady—can offer distinct advantages over a system designed purely by software developers.

Understanding the Community of Property Managers

Property management is not just a profession but a passion for creating memorable experiences and making guests feel at home. This industry thrives on personal connections and deep-rooted trust, often more so with peers than with vendors. Our CEO’s well-received speech at the Vacation Rental World Summit (VRWS) underscored this sentiment, highlighting our intrinsic understanding and commitment to the industry we serve.

From the Ground Up: The Advantage of Industry Experience

At RentalReady, we stand out because our team isn’t just composed of software engineers; it includes professionals who have hands-on experience in managing short-term rentals. This blend of expertise means our software is designed from the ground up to meet the specific, practical needs of property managers. We understand that property managers are not technology enthusiasts but hospitality lovers who use software as a tool to enhance their service.

Technology With a Purpose

Artifical intelligence is used on our RentalReady PMS software
AI is one of the innovation you can easily use on our PMS software

Many tech companies innovate for the sake of innovation, integrating features like chatbots and complex analytics that may not necessarily align with the day-to-day needs of a property manager. At RentalReady, however, every feature we introduce serves a clear purpose. For instance, we were the first to integrate artificial intelligence to predict guest needs and simplify tasks. Our split payments feature was developed to expedite owner payouts and ease financial reconciliation, demonstrating our proactive approach to solving real-world problems that property managers face.

Native Features That Matter on a PMS software

Our understanding of property management dynamics has led us to develop features that are truly transformative. Unlike standard PMS software that may require third-party integrations, RentalReady includes native support for multi-office configurations, advanced automation for guest communications, and operational tasks that save time and reduce errors. These aren’t just features; they are essential tools crafted to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Prioritizing Function Over Form

In the tech world, there’s often a fascination with complexity and newness. However, for property managers, simplicity and functionality win out. RentalReady’s design philosophy is centered around creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that don’t sacrifice capability for aesthetics. Our software is built to be as straightforward as it is powerful, ensuring that even the most non-technical users can maximize its benefits without a steep learning curve.

Aligning Priorities and Understanding

When choosing a PMS, it’s crucial to consider whether a software provider’s priorities align with your own. Does the provider understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your market? Will they adapt to industry shifts in a way that supports your business’s growth? With RentalReady, you’re partnering with a provider that not only understands your needs but also shares your vision for the future of property management.

Innovation That Supports Your Goals

Our commitment to innovation is focused on delivering practical solutions that enhance profitability and operational efficiency. For example, recognizing the importance of timely payments in the rental industry, we innovated early with split payments functionality. This foresight is a testament to our deep understanding of the financial intricacies that property managers navigate.

Conclusion: Why RentalReady?

pms software rentalready
Managing tasks is easier with our PMS software

Choosing RentalReady means opting for a PMS that is built by property managers, for property managers. It means choosing software that does more than store data and automate tasks—it means selecting a partner that is invested in your success. As property managers ourselves, we don’t just create features based on market trends. We develop functionalities based on what will make a tangible difference in your day-to-day operations and long-term success.

RentalReady : a partner on the road to success

We invite you to check out RentalReady. Our features, our understanding, and our commitment to your industry stand out distinctly. Connect with us, and you’ll discover not just a software provider, but a partner who speaks your language and shares your goals. Let’s make property management better, together.

A community of property owners is a real strength

You would think that people who are fighting for the same properties and guests would have an adversarial relationship. We’ve found nothing could be further from the truth.

The community of STR property managers is very tight. They trust each other far more than the vendors.

Our CEO’s speech at VRWS was one of the most highly regarded and viewed.

We are like you. The grand majority of RentalReady team members have worked or currently work in a property management company doing short-term rentals.

We don’t know anybody who got into this industry to play with software. Property managers are not geeks. They do this because they love hospitality. They love travel and they love people. Software is simply a means to serve their clients.

Property managers are motivated by smiles, by giving people what they want. they love to share their enthusiasm for their special region with people from other cultures. They help families reconnect in a place far from home. They enable discovery. they create an environment of tranquillity for people who are overworked and need a break.

They even like clients who complain, because they know that’s going to make them serve the next client better.

Geeks like buzzers and whistles because they think they’re neat. They integrate with other tech companies because they can, not because it serves a purpose (did anybody ask for a chatbot?). Do they even know what property managers need? At best, they are guessing. Only a property manager truly knows what a property manager’s needs are.

Innovation & commitment

Being a property management company does not make RentalReady any less innovative. We were the first to add artificial intelligence to our platform. We were the first to enable split payments, getting owners their money faster and simplifying reconciliation. Other PMS still don’t have some of the functions that we have natively. These include multi-office configurations, automation, and more.

Geeks think the more technology the better. If these additions eat into their customers’ profits, they don’t care. They spend all their time in front of a screen instead of in front of customers. They care about form. Property managers care about function.

Geeks like complexity. Property managers like simplicity. 

When shopping around for a property management system, you’d do well to look past the software to the company you could potentially partner with. Are our priorities aligned? Do they understand me? Will they evolve in the same direction as my company?

We stand RentalReady to answer these questions. Check us out. Chances are you will like what you hear.