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Owner portal & dashboard

Keep your owners up to date with everything happening in their property. Make sure to regularly update your owners through the use of the owner platform and owner services dashboard to keep them informed about any developments in their properties.

Owners Dashboard

Stay connected with your property owners by utilising the owner portal and owner services dashboard. This allows you to easily communicate any important updates or changes in their properties, ensuring a transparent and informed relationship. Keeping owners in the loop will help build trust and satisfaction, ultimately leading to a successful partnership. Be proactive in your communication to ensure a smooth and efficient management of their properties.

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Fully white-labelled and customizable

Add your own branding to the platform for owners and adjust what information your owners can see in terms of bookings, reviews or prices.

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Full transparency

Owners can see booking information, reviews and download statements for your services all from the dashboard

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Reviews access

Allow owners to consult the reviews received on their properties, so that they can see the quality of your work

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Manage calendars

Your owners can manage the availability of their properties, book in owner stays and control their prices.

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Integrated communication tools

Introduce a suite of integrated communication tools directly within the Owner Portal & Dashboard, facilitating seamless interactions between property owners and the management team, as well as between owners and guests.

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Property improvement recommendations

Offer a feature that analyzes property performance data, guest reviews, and market trends to generate personalized recommendations for property improvements and upgrades.

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