perfect workflow for str

The perfect workflow for STR with Chekin and RentalReady

We are proud to share the culmination of many months of close collaboration with the Chekin teams to offer RentalReady users a comprehensive solution to build the perfect workflow for STR professionals.

While our approach is “all-in-one,” our priority is to listen and cater to the needs of our clients to ensure they can successfully address the challenges of their hosting businesses. 

This integration enables RentalReady clients and prospective users to automate numerous aspects of their daily operations using Chekin.

Among the many issues addressed through our collaboration with Chekin, we can highlight:

  • Compliance with local legal obligations: In certain countries (for example, Spain, Portugal, or Dubai), and even regions, professional managers are required to follow certain rules, such as transmitting the identity and contact information of travelers to the authorities within 24 hours of their arrival. 

Once connected to RentalReady, Chekin will allow you to automate this.

Legal information regarding the property

Enhanced security: If you manage high-end properties or properties with sensitive equipment, you would undoubtedly aim to ensure that you welcome travelers who won’t create any issues. Thanks to our integration with Chekin, you’ll be able to verify the identity of each traveler (in addition to our Risk Score) through advanced biometric verification via a Selfie + photo of the identity document.

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Biometric verification of the traveler’s identity

Security deposit and tourist tax payment: Seamlessly integrated into your traveler’s journey through a unique link for each traveler, you can now automatically collect security deposits and tourist taxes before each arrival. Chekin automatically calculates the tourist tax per the regulations of each country and city in major countries, ensuring that you accurately calculate and collect this tax.

identity verification chekin

Secure payment of the security deposit, tourist tax, and additional sales

  • Secure self-check-ins: If some or all of your accommodations are equipped with a self-access solution, you can ensure that access is only granted to travelers who have paid their entire stay and security deposit. 

payments chekin
  • Additional sales: Seamlessly integrated into the traveler’s journey managed via Chekin, you will be able to offer additional services to your travelers at the perfect moment, delighting them and increasing your revenue. Easily create and manage your product catalog, analyze your performance, and develop a true complementary sales channel.
upsell chekin

Seamless Integration

To ensure that both managers and travelers could fully benefit from this partnership, it was imperative to have an integration and process that were exceptionally straightforward.

Thus, once the initial configuration of accommodations is set up on Chekin, with each reservation, RentalReady will communicate all the information regarding the stay and the travelers to Chekin.

Chekin will then take charge of generating a space and a unique link for each stay. This link can be shared with travelers through RentalReady’s automated emails.

And there you have it!

The arrival of each traveler is now on autopilot, adhering to the process you have chosen for each property. Reservation statuses are perfectly synchronized between Chekin and RentalReady, ensuring complete maintenance of the quality of your information.

Don’t miss out on the chance to fully explore the comprehensive solution that RentalReady and Chekin offer. Take action today by booking your RentalReady demo and discover a world of possibilities waiting for you.