igloohome and rentalready integration

Igloohome and RentalReady integration: an innovative collaboration for unrestricted short-term rentals

We are delighted to present the benefits of the Igloohome and RentalReady integration.

As you know, the short-term rental management business is a complex task that requires impeccable organisation to guarantee a flawless experience for guests. And as if things weren’t complex enough, it’s also necessary for professionals in the sector to keep abreast of trends, as well as regulatory developments.

In recent weeks, we have seen several locations fighting against the “unauthorised” use of key boxes, particularly those affixed to municipal furniture or facades without prior agreement.

To help our customers stay one step ahead and keep their business running smoothly, we’ve included integrations with popular autonomous digital access solutions, as shown here with Igloohome. 

Igloohome: the smart access revolution

The Igloohome app is an easy solution to give automated access to your rentals

Founded in 2015 in Singapore, Igloohome has emerged as a global leader in smart access solutions. With a presence in over 100 countries and more than 300.000 properties equipped with its products, Igloohome provides technology to manage access anytime, anywhere, eliminating the hassle of traditional keys.

Igloohome has more than 12.000 customers in France, testifying to the trust placed in it by property managers and property owners. The company has already enabled more than 10 million access to accommodations.

What makes Igloohome different from other solutions?

Igloohome stands out for its ability to offer smart access solutions without requiring end-users to download an application. Historically, Igloohome has innovated by developing a patented algorithm, the Algo Pin, which enables guests to randomly generate a single-use code for the duration of their stay, without the brand’s equipment being connected to the internet.

Since then, the brand has developed other products and innovations to meet the ever-changing needs of holiday rental professionals.

Igloohome products for short-term rental business

Igloohome offers a diverse range of products designed to meet the specific needs of property managers looking to implement autonomous check-ins without compromising safety or guest experience.

  • Retrofit Lock + Keypad:
    • Simple installation: Retrofit Lock is designed to fit existing locks (EU cylinders), enabling quick and easy installation without the need for major modifications to the door.
    • Dematerialised access management: With the Keypad, managers can create temporary, one-off or permanent access codes, offering guests flexible, key-free and stress-free management.
    • Remote control: The system allows managers to easily control access remotely using RentalReady or the Igloohome application.
    • Enhanced security: The combination of Retrofit Lock and Keypad provides enhanced security, reducing the risks associated with the loss or theft of physical keys. It’s a plug-and-play solution that’s easy to install, with no need to modify the door.
  • Mortise 2:
    • Multiple access modes: Mortise 2 offers an all-in-one solution with enhanced security and multiple access options, such as PIN code, RFID card, physical keys and Bluetooth unlocking, giving users great flexibility.
    • Remote management: By synchronising with RentalReady, Mortise 2 enables automated access generation and a keyless stay for travellers.
    • Elegant design: With its modern design, Mortise 2 blends harmoniously into different types of property, adding a contemporary touch without compromising aesthetics.
    • Ideal for the hospitality industry: Designed to offer both security and user-friendliness, Mortise 2 is particularly well suited to hotels, holiday rentals and individual properties.
  • Keybox 3:
    • Secure access: Keybox 3 allows keys or access cards to be stored securely, eliminating the need for physical interaction to hand over keys.
    • Remote control: With the ability to create temporary, unique or permanent PIN codes via RentalReady or the Igloohome app, managers can control access remotely, offering great flexibility for themselves, guests or owners.
    • Easy to install and use: Keybox 3 is easy to install and use, requiring no modification to the property.
    • Durability: Designed to withstand the elements, Keybox 3 is durable and reliable, making it suitable for outdoor use. It offers a more flexible solution because it requires no modification, and it’s also mobile, so it can be moved and used in different locations as needed.

This comprehensive range offers managers maximum flexibility in choosing the solution that best suits their specific needs while ensuring a seamless experience for guests.

RentalReady benefits and automation scenarios

igloohome and rentalready integration
The Mortise smart lock is a way to offer self check-in to your guests

The true strength of Igloohome solutions is fully revealed when they’re integrated with other business tools, such as our RentalReady PMS. These products offer ingenious usage scenarios that optimise property management and guarantee a stress-free stay for guests.

Igloohome and RentalReady integration : benefits of setting up autonomous access

Automated access generation: Imagine a process where access for guests is automatically generated as soon as the booking is confirmed. With Igloohome and RentalReady integration, managers can configure temporary PIN codes aligned with check-in and check-out times, offering a seamless solution for travellers. No separate application is required; codes are directly sent to guests via email generated by RentalReady, simplifying their check-in.

Enabling keyless entry: With temporary codes, the need to download a mobile app to access the property is eliminated. These codes, valid for the duration of the booked stay, allow guests to access the property without the hassle of managing physical keys, thereby reducing stress and providing a seamless arrival experience. Additionally, for you as the manager, this eliminates the risk of lost keys and the need to replace locks.

Temporary or permanent codes: Temporary PIN codes are generated for each guest, automatically expiring at the end of their stay to ensure property security. Additionally, permanent codes can be assigned to housekeeping and maintenance teams, providing continuous access for necessary maintenance.

Monitoring access: With the Igloohome application, you can monitor the entries and exits of your guests and staff. This feature provides real-time visibility, enhancing security and enabling efficient coordination of maintenance tasks.

Use cases for short-term rentals

  • Generating and sharing temporary access with guests

In this scenario, as soon as a reservation is confirmed, a temporary PIN code is automatically generated for the duration of the stay. The validity of this code is synchronised with the check-in and check-out information on the reservation in RentalReady. No application is required for customers, who receive the PIN code directly by email a few hours before their check-in. This personalised process ensures a seamless experience for guests.

  • Developing additional sales thanks to the Igloohome and RentalReady integration

Some property managers and Igloohome users, for instance, utilise the intelligent Padlock 2, which can be employed to secure additional equipment such as bikes or kayaks. Guests can reserve and pay for these additional services, receiving a PIN code in the same manner as in the previous case. Solutions like Mortise 2, Retrofit + Keypad, and Smart Deadbolt 2S can also be implemented to secure ancillary premises used as luggage lockers or for other services such as car rental with the Keybox 3 carsharing kit.

The Igloohome and RentalReady integration opens up new horizons, offering advanced automation while ensuring safety and convenience for guests.

Buying and discovering Igloohome products

For property managers looking to equip multiple properties, you can contact the Igloohome team at the following address: bd@igloohome.co to inquire about purchasing options and the rates available for you

You can find out more about the Igloohome products on their website.

By reaching out to a dedicated contact, you’ll be able to make informed decisions tailored to your needs and budget.

We trust that this Igloohome and RentalReady integration will empower you to grow your business with confidence and peace of mind.