how to use google vacation rentals

Google Vacation Rentals: all you need to know

Renting a house for your next family holiday or a flat for a weekend getaway is just a few clicks away. Every day, thousands of travellers search for their next holiday rental online. Planning your trip from A to Z without using a travel agency has become an easy task in this digital age. Google Vacation Rentals was born out of the tourism context in 2019.

Google Vacation Rentals is an interesting tool for boosting your business. Google is becoming part of the short-term rental market by linking up with Channel Managers for holiday rentals. As the world’s most popular search engine (9 out of 10 searches are carried out via Google every day), it’s an essential tool that deserves attention from a professional perspective.

In this article, we will explain how Google Vacation Rentals works. As a property manager, what makes this platform interesting for you? And how can you feature your listings on Google? We will cover these topics to provide you with all the necessary information.

What is Google Vacation Rentals? 

Launched in 2019 as part of the Google ecosystem, Vacation Rentals is an integral part of Google Travel. When a user searches for travel-related information on Google Travel, they can find out:

  • Popular destinations departing from your city;
  • Flights;
  • Hotels;
  • Vacation rentals

A true one-stop shop for travellers who can organise their next trip in just a few clicks.

google vacation rentals on google travel
“Vacation rentals” is available from Google Travel mainpage

Google Vacation Rentals is a search engine for short-term rentals. When a user enters a query to find accommodation in a specific city or region, Google displays a map showing all accommodations available for rent. Initially, only hotels were listed. However, since 2019, a “vacation rentals” filter has been added to the search engine. Available on both mobile and desktop, this filter allows users to sort results by price, rating, etc.

To refine their search, users can use filters to obtain results that meet their preferences, such as amenities, facilities, and pet policies, among others. In addition to these filters, travellers can also view photos of the accommodation and other users’ reviews, all of this in just a few minutes, and without leaving Google!

Worth noticing that the following are not currently eligible for Google Vacation Rentals: 

  • Private property owners;
  • Peer-to-peer rentals;
  • Single/individual rooms; 
  • Partially rented houses.

What are the main advantages of Google Vacation Rentals? 

Google Vacation Rentals partners enjoy several benefits:

  • Easily associate holiday rental offers with Google;
  • Increased visibility via Google search results;
  • Get free bookings and direct traffic generated by referral sites.

Registration on Google Vacation Rentals used to be reserved for certain OTAs or managers with more than 5,000 properties. This is no longer the case. Via GuestReady or other Google Vacation Rentals partners, you too can have your listings featured on Google!

Promote your holiday rental offers easily via Google

By integrating your listings on Google Vacation Rentals, you can easily share your availability, rates and all relevant information about your property on Google. Google Vacation Rentals partners can also set up detailed information cards in just a few clicks and add links to their website.

Increase your visibility and reach more travellers

Using Google Vacation Rentals boosts your visibility! Vacation rental listings appear alongside search results, allowing users to see your listing if it matches their query. Holiday rentals are also visible via Google Maps (when searching directly on the tool) or by using the “Vacation Rentals” tab on Google Travel.

With just a glance and a few clicks, travellers can find key information about a holiday rental:

  • Location;
  • Nightly rate;
  • Capacity;
  • Offered amenities;
  • Customer ratings & reviews.
Finding a short-term rental is quite easy thanks to Google Maps and previews

This immersive experience – particularly through Google Maps where users can see the exact location of the holiday rental and get a preview of the photos by clicking on them – allows future travellers to access enriched content without spending hours researching on multiple rental platforms.

Once the choice is made, the user simply clicks on “book now” to proceed with booking the property for their desired dates. They are then redirected to the partner website to complete the reservation and payment.

Get more bookings at no extra cost

By partnering with Google Vacation Rentals, you can list your properties on Google free of charge. The links allow users to find their next holiday rental and book their stay directly through Google search traffic. According to Google’s FAQ, the redirects and bookings generated through Google are not charged to managers.

Google Vacation Rentals: how do they differ from other holiday rental platforms?

Many travellers use Google to search for accommodation and information for their next trip. Before the launch of Google Vacation Rentals, you had to visit several vacation rental websites to find accommodation. Now, simply by entering your query on Google, you can find the perfect property to stay. A real time-saver for the user!

google vacation rentals
Results for vacation rentals appear on the top of research if you type “vacation rentals + name of a city”

One of the main advantages for property managers is the global reach offered by the search engine. It’s more powerful than the search engine integrated into Booking, Airbnb, and others.

When searching for “vacation rental” + “destination”, Google search highlights short-term rental options directly on the search page or on Google Maps.

By creating a business profile via Google, you can also boost your visibility while consolidating information related to your rental property. Easy to set up and completely free, it’s a great way to boost your business.

Tips for optimising your listings on Google Vacation Rentals

One of the most important criteria for Google Vacation Rentals is photos. The start-up guide for holiday rentals includes an entire section dedicated to optimisation and best practices for listing photos.

According to Google, for an optimised holiday rental listing, you should follow several recommendations. Let’s delve into this essential topic, whether it’s for a Google listing or any other vacation rental platform.

The importance of high-quality photos

High-quality photos will generate more clicks than listings with poorly framed or dimly lit images. Photos are often the first thing that catches the eye of potential guests. By inspiring and captivating travellers, you can easily increase your bookings.

Photo requirements for Google Vacation Rentals

By using optimised photos, you can highlight your listing and improve your booking rate.

  • Recommended resolution: 2,048 x 1,366 px
  • Minimum resolution: 1,024 x 683 px
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  • Accepted file formats: JPG, JPEG and PNG
  • Orientation: landscape
  • Holiday lets must include a minimum of eight photos in total, including at least one per room.

Arrange and curate your photos to attract travellers

Draw inspiration from hotel websites to take photos that highlight your property. Consider the decor: everything should be perfect! Arrange your rooms to look good in the picture. Also, think about brightness: the photos should not be too dark so that the room and details are visible.

RentalReady and Google Vacation Rentals: a partnership to boost short-term bookings

Since 2022, GuestReady has been advertising on Google Vacation Rentals through RentalReady. 

As far as fees are concerned, the manager’s commission is 15% inc. VAT on each booking but receives 4% cashback for each booking made via Google.

How do I get listed on Google Vacation Rentals with RentalReady?

Partnering with Google Vacation Rentals since 2022, GuestReady has secured its position among the select group of Google connectivity partners. This achievement is attributed to the technological integration between our PMS, RentalReady, and the platform.

As a result, every manager using RentalReady and desiring to feature their listings on Google Vacation Rentals will also benefit from the visibility provided by our direct booking site.


Google Vacation Rentals is a key tool in the short and mid-term stays sector and has won over many property managers in just a few years. Thanks to the power of its search engine and its reputation, Google has become an integral part of travel planning.

By working with Google Vacation Rentals partners such as GuestReady, listing your short-term rentals and boosting your income has never been easier!