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VACATION Rental Software Features

Innovative technological features you can rely on throughout the entire value chain.

vacation rental software features FOR SHORT-TERM RENTALS

Proprietary functionalities you’ll find nowhere else

Original technological solutions from RentalReady reflect years of experience as a hospitality company. There are no buzzers or whistles here. All elements are must-have features built by property managers, for property managers.
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Multi-office configuration

Villas on the coast are nothing like downtown flats. So why do most tech vendors make you to treat all your properties the same way? No more. RentalReady is the only PMS which allows you to group properties by location, or type, or however you like, and apply specific rules for your chosen set. Different policies. Separate staff. Original attributes. A level of customization unseen elsewhere.

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Split payment flow

Let our payment system collect the money from bookings, calculate the net revenue for you and owners and automatically send the payouts to each beneficiary. For each payout, we take into account your commission rate and the various fees. Can you imagine how much time this saves your accounting team? Not to mention the unprecedented transparency for your owners.

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AI Response prompts

Our messaging system boosted with AI, will help you to save hours daily, by generating full messages for your guests or improve your drafts. You'll benefit from faster, more professional communication. There's no doubt that this will have a very positive impact on your reviews.

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AI Mood detection

Artificial intelligence will analyse guests' messages and opinions, to identify their mood and alert you if there's a crisis situation to manage. This way, for example, you can ensure that you mainly collect reviews from the most positive guests.

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Automation Tools

Our platform automates many repetitive tasks involved in managing bookings, from leaving reviews for your guests to organising your check-ins. You still have the power to create tasks manually to deal with unforeseen situations.

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Dashboard Analytics

Get precise global visibility of all your KPIs. Follow the evolution of your business and discover where you can improve your performance.

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Navigation that’s seamless

Simple as hopscotch. Take a 1-click jump from reservation to property; 1-click from property to tasks; 1-click from tasks to staff; 1-click from staff to guest communications. Side-by-side view on same screen showing both overview and detail.

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User permission levels

Fine-tune access management for your employees. Deploy several different intermediate levels. Ensure that each member of your team has access to just the information they need to do their job.

Fully-fledged Property Management Solution

We believe a PMS should include all these products, natively. Does yours?

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Channel Manager

Rates, availability, content and settings sync in real time to all your digital points of sale. No longer must you login to each to adjust your settings. Exclusive channels like porting listings to Google Travel extend your reach. Click to learn what makes our in-house distribution platform special.

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Pricing Algorithm

Work dozens of parameters to get the best bookings for your hosts. Our powerful rate rules execute your personalised revenue management strategy to perfection. Whether you tweak often or set it and forget it, our pricing optimiser can be programmed to move daily for improved attractivity and visibility.

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Unified Inbox

Centralise your entire universe of guest messages in one place to manage all your communication on the platforms, through e-mail or SMS. Create a library of templates, canned responses and even activate AI from your command station.

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Task Management

Your operations agents can use the iOS / Android app to pick available tasks, see all the necessary task info, see their ratings and more. You can use the app to notify your agents about any last minute changes.

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Payment & Invoicing Processing

Automate the collection of payments from each channel. Issue compliant invoices. Let our system split the money between you and your hosts automatically for each stay. Owners are extremely sensitive to errors, and can dominate your time if they don’t know what’s going on. Choose a system with finances you can count on.

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Owners’ Dashboard

Stand out by offering your owners a transparent interface, allowing them full visibility of your partnership: invoices, performance, guests reviews

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Direct booking widget

Take back control over your bookings and your activity, by benefiting from an ultra-complete direct booking widget that is perfectly integrated with all the other functionalities of your PMS.

Multiple booking platforms

Our Channel Management software helps you to distribute listings across multiple short and medium term booking channels in the same time.

Service related features

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24/7 guest communication

Regain peace and focus on growing your business. Let our team of short term rental experts answer professionally and in a personalized way to your guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Payment Processing

Automate the collection of payments from each channel and let our system split the money between you and your owners automatically for each stay.

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Upsell service to your guests

Allow your guests to book taxi transfers and tours while you receive a commission, all automated with the platform.