comparing pms

Comparing PMS: 3 key features to analyze

Choosing the right PMS is crucial for short-term rental companies. The range of software on offer is extensive, and functionalities are diverse.

To help you see things more clearly and make the right choice, when it comes to comparing pms, we’ve done some investigative work to help you understand some of our key features and how we differ from the competition. Read more to find out about our key features.

Why choose RentalReady? How does it differ from its competitors? At RentalReady, we have developed a wide range of features to create the best PMS (Property Management System) on the market and set us apart from the competition.

Comparing PMS: build a powerful guest communication 

Why good communication with your guests is key

In the short-term rental business, communication with guests is absolutely essential. As an expert in short-term rental, a property manager or a rental professional, you need to establish a positive relationship with your guests. We know how important a good communication with our guests is. It can make or break the first impression, before they even set foot in the accommodation! It also allows you to share all the essential information at the right time. Here are a few rules for efficient guest communication:

  • Responsiveness is key; there are thousands of properties available on the market. In your destination, you may be competing with hundreds of them, depending on the type of property you offer. A long response time or poor communication can lead travelers to choose another accommodation for their stay.
  • Timing: provide the right information at the right moment during their guest journey (booking confirmation, pre-check-in, post-check-in, pre-check-out, post-check-out, follow-up) and have it sent automatically.
  • Centralization of information: communication must be done on the same channel: imagine receiving a text from the host, then a message on the Airbnb platform! This creates a lot of confusion. Your guest will find all the important information in the same place. 

Our feature to help you: The Unified Inbox

RentalReady’s Unified Inbox offers more than just exchanging messages. This feature is a real time saver on a daily basis, especially if you operate on several rental platforms. This feature allows you to centralize exchanges and communication with all travelers on one platform, whether your guest reservations were made on Airbnb,, VRBO, or many more platforms. 

Here are RentalReady Unified Inbox’s key features:

  • Airbnb actions, details, and overview of the concerned booking shown with the communication
  • You have the option of accepting/declining a pre-approval and sending Airbnb special offers
  • No time to lose: at RentalReady, our sync time is just a few seconds for Airbnb and less than a minute for
  • Our Unified Inbox gives you access to all information from the mailbox (Check-In/Check-Out time, equipment, messages, and comments from guests, accommodation calendar, etc.). You also have the possibility of sending files.
  • We provide you with programmable automatic message templates to send to your customers to automate registration, payment collection or the collection of notices.
unified inbox rentalready
Unified Inbox by RentalReady: you deserve the best tool for your guest communication
  • You will be able to automatically leave a 5-star review for each Airbnb traveler. This can be deactivated for a specific booking if you prefer to leave your own review.
  • Our Unified Inbox will make things easier thanks to its integrated AI, which will pre-write or improve your written messages. And here’s some good news that should make it even easier; WhatsApp integration will be coming soon!
  • With RentalReady’s Unified Inbox, you will have the possibility of setting up a call center to receive incoming calls with guest number recognition. You will also have the option to redirect to certain users, depending on the status of the reservation (future, current, past, etc.) to different agents. 
  • Always on the go? RentalReady is available as a downloadable mobile application for iOS Android, which can be very helpful.

Our Unified Inbox is faster than other solutions

When it comes to communicating with travelers, many online review platforms have shown us that other tools do not offer the same possibilities. 

Iris, a CEO from Croatia, explains: “Prior to signing with our actual PMS, we were told that it did not take more than 5 minutes for any guest communication to land in the unified inbox. We quickly realized that was not the case at all and that the delays were huge (hours to days, rarely under 5 minutes), to the point that we did not use it at all because it was not up to industry standards. To this day in the unified inbox issues are ongoing. When we raised the problem to our PMS, they encouraged us to raise tickets, but we quickly realized it was not worth it. ”

Conversely, at RentalReady, unified inbox was developed for the needs of our parent company, Guestready, which currently manages over 3,000 accommodations worldwide. You can imagine how demanding our guest communications teams are.

When you come to the stage of comparing PMSs, don’t forget to pay attention to these features and observe every detail.

Building loyalty and communicating effectively with owners

As a short-term rental property manager or managing director of a rental company, you hold a strategic position. After all, you have not one, but two customers: the property owner and the travelers. Your goal? To satisfy both! So, how do you attract and retain owners and convince them to let you manage their property? 

How to retain owners 

To retain your owners, you will have to keep an eye on these key points: 

  • Transparency: you have to find the right balance in the amount of information you give to the owner. It’s important to communicate regularly with the owners about the performance of their rentals. Lack of information can make them wary and try to go and see the competition. On the other hand, giving too much information can also make the owner intrusive on a daily basis, looking for the slightest explanation for the slightest figure.
  •  Share the right information: monthly business performance (number of nights rented, occupancy rate, average price per night and changes therein, net profit). Reviews of the advert (scores by criterion, overall score for each platform, overall average score, feedback from travelers).
  • Finding essential documents in the right place, when they need them: statements, payments and invoices… Giving to owners access to their management documents at any time, in a secure area, is a real plus. Think of your owners, who have to manage the accounting and administrative follow-up of their rental business. But also for you, who will be regularly asked to provide duplicate invoices or management statements. By offering them their own dedicated space, you’ll save time.
  • Statistics and Performance: Having access to their performance at any time can reassure landlords. Allowing your landlords to consult the performance achieved by their property in real time, via your management method, is once again a great way of reassuring them and empowering them. They will have access to information without having to ask you for it, and indirectly, sharing these results with them demonstrates your confidence in the way you manage their property and your expertise in achieving excellent results.

Our feature to help you: Owner Space 

Our Owner Space gives owners access to:

  • All the transactions carried out and what they correspond to (reservations with the traveler’s name and date, payment adjustments, Airbnb/booking resolutions)
  • Financial details of bookings and invoices with date filters and the option of exporting invoices to Excel and PDF (a big plus for doing your property tax return)
owner space rentalready pms
Owner Space by RentalReady: offer your owners a 5* management area.
  • Performance statistics (occupancy rates, net income, average prices)
  • Access to the property calendar with customizable permissions (block/unblock, housework/no housework, change prices, change minimum stay)
  • Access to accommodation details with the possibility of updating (Wi-Fi, access codes to accommodation, dustbins, etc.)

The best owner space in the PMS market

A comprehensive and intuitive owner space is essential. But how are our competitors doing? Let’s see their reviews! Costas, a company director from Cyprus, was disappointed by his PMS: “Statistics, which are important for me as a manager, could be improved”. Perel, a sales representative from France, explains: “We would prefer the owner section to have more features, but this will probably be improved soon”.

Don’t wait for an upgrade: opt for a complete, high-performance PMS now! Book a demo with us.

Task Management

Managing a rental portfolio requires focus and anticipation. To help you manage the tasks, operations, and maintenance of a rental fleet, you need a sophisticated PMS with the most advanced functionalities possible. Faced with this challenge, many competitors have decided to outsource these functions to external software. The risk? Poor coordination between the PMS and the external software. For instance, this could lead to awkward interactions between cleaners and guests when there was a late check-out. Moreover, using additional softwares can also mean more bugs. When things go wrong, you’ll have to deal with different support teams to find the source of the issue and solve the problem. This creates more confusion.

How to manage your accommodation as efficiently as possible

Here are the operational tasks that a PMS can help you fulfill:

  • Automatic assignment generation: you are managing a dozen or so homes and want to increase your stock by a factor of 3 this year, but you are still using a Google calendar or SMS to send your assignments to your agents? You’ll need to think about using a PMS that allows you to automatically generate, assign and send these assignments to achieve your goal! 
  • Other tasks: as we all know, not every manager operates in the same way. Each rental property is different. For example, villas and flats do not require the same level of attention. So how do you schedule recurring tasks (swimming pool maintenance, inspection visits, quarterly basic cleaning) that are not linked to bookings? Your PMS (Property Management System) should allow you to do this!
  • Maintenance costs: maintenance work can often generate costs (replacement of light bulbs, repair, purchase of consumables and the necessary manpower). You’ll need a tool to anticipate these tasks, centralize expenses and invoice the owner… 

Task Management, our feature to help you

Here are some useful features included in RentalReady’s Task Management:

  • A synchronized mobile app for service providers
  • Automatic generation of Check-In/Check-Out assignments, car cleaning, and the possibility of scheduling regular additional assignments (background cleaning, pool maintenance, etc.)
  • 3 ways of assigning jobs: by default at accommodation level, manually by the concierge, and manually by the agent
  • 2 levels for the agents: “agency” with access permission to the dashboard, and “agent” with access to assigned or available missions
task management rentalready pms
Task Management by RentalReady: get a full overview of each mission and tasks associated
  • Synchronized arrival and departure times from the passenger form (form sent before arrival to prepare for arrival and ask the passenger for his arrival time, among other things)
  • Weekly or daily dashboards for each property
  • Laundry information: see what is required per mission and the daily total
  • Access to date and time of next arrival, possibility of shifting a mission to the following day, possibility of adding internal or external comment (visible by the agent) on the dashboard… 
  • Filters on the dashboards by job type and by office/desk

The easiest task management platform 

Here is the experience from Iris, a CEO from Croatia, she shared on a review platform: “with our current PMS, the operations/supplier tab is quite rudimentary for example it is not possible to plan some tasks at the middle of the stays which are very important for midterm rentals, it is only possible to set final cleaning and basic maintenance tasks. We tried it but stopped and prefer to continue using Whatsapp.’’

As you may know, choosing a PMS requires time and investment. In order to make the right choice, you must dig deeper on each and every aspect of the PMS and challenge it. Go beyond the sales pitch, don’t just compare feature lists on the website. Ask for proof of what you’ll really be able to benefit from on a day-to-day basis as a user. 

Picking a PMS is a big decision: it is the backbone of your operations and will make the difference whether you can offer a professional service to your guests and owners or not. Request a demo to discover RentalReady now!