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Airbnb channel manager

Maximise your property’s occupancy and streamline your management with RentalReady’s Airbnb channel manager. Effortlessly synchronise calendars, rates, and bookings across all major platforms for seamless operations and increased revenue. 

Seamless Channel Manager AIRBNB for Your Listings

Harness the power of RentalReady’s Airbnb Channel Manager to amplify your Airbnb visibility. Centralise control of your listings across multiple platforms and watch as we sync your calendars, manage your bookings, and update your rates in real-time. Embrace the simplicity of managing all your listings from one robust interface.

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Real-time synchronisation

Our Airbnb Channel Manager guarantees that your listings remain current, with real-time synchronisation of availability, pricing, and reservations, eliminating the risk of double bookings and missed opportunities.

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Multi-platform integration

Consolidate all your reservations on a unified dashboard. Integrate with a multitude of popular platforms aside from Airbnb to optimise your property's visibility and occupancy rates, all while maintaining central oversight.

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Dynamic pricing tools

Capitalise on market data to refine your pricing approach. Our dynamic pricing tools adapt your rates in response to demand, competition, and local events, amplifying your revenue prospects.

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Streamlined guest communication

Facilitate seamless interaction with guests through automated messaging and a central inbox. Custom templates save time and enhance the guest experience from the initial Airbnb booking to check-out.

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Insightful reporting & analytics

Drive informed decisions with in-depth reports and performance analytics. Monitor your Airbnb success and pinpoint opportunities with straightforward charts and customisable data metrics.

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Mobile management app

Maintain command of your Airbnb operations whilst on the move with our mobile application. Oversee your listings, engage with guests, and adapt your strategy from anywhere, ensuring you’re constantly connected to your enterprise.

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