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AI features

At RentalReady, we harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich our user experience and each traveler’s stay.

We have developed numerous AI-based functionalities directly integrated into our PMS, always with the idea of bringing you a complete all-in-one solution that meets tomorrow’s challenges.

Automated Guest Messaging

We offer you 2 features to help you optimize your guest journey and make it constantly improving

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AI Response Generation

Our AI is capable of generating automatic responses to guest messages, ensuring swift and efficient communication. Our AI Response prompts decrease time to draft messages by 67%. Each response can be customized according to the manager's rules, providing a unique and personalized touch to each interaction. This feature aids in managing communication volume, ensuring no query goes unanswered, and facilitates quicker response times.

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Communication Quality Improvement

Our AI also assists in refining the responses drafted by our staff. It ensures that the communications are clear, concise, and useful. This functionality enhances the quality of our communication, making it more impactful and easily understandable, thereby increasing guest satisfaction

Review Management

Are you making the most of your guests reviews? Let AI help you make the most of these valuable feedbacks.

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Property Review Audit

Our AI system has the capability to audit property reviews. It can identify common issues and provide suggestions for improvement. This feature allows for a more in-depth understanding of guest feedback, helping property owners in identifying areas of improvement and implementing necessary changes.

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Guest Review Response

The AI can also respond to guest reviews, ensuring that all feedback is acknowledged and addressed. This helps maintain an active and engaged communication with guests, showing them that their feedback is valued and taken into consideration.

Mood Monitoring

Analyzing travelers’ behavior through the feelings expressed during communication can help you make the difference

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Mood Detection

Our AI is adept at picking up on signals from unhappy guests. This intelligence assists in deciding the appropriate course of action to enhance their experience. This proactive problem-solving approach contributes to higher guest satisfaction, as it allows us to address issues even before they become significant problems. We can also have trigger based on the mood of the guest.

AI for vacation rental

For many years, we have been building and improving our technology with two priorities in mind: improving the daily lives of thousands of short-term rental professionals, and enabling unique travel experiences for travelers, thanks to technology.

Integrating AI via ChatGPT into our PMS was an obvious choice. Firstly, to meet the specific needs of our group, which manages over 3,000 properties worldwide. But also to support and meet the expectations of the growing number of professionals using RentalReady, which again represents a portfolio of over 2,500 properties.

The first uses that seemed obvious to us were related to traveler communication. But as we talked to our users, we quickly realized that the scope of application was much wider.

We’re proud to be constantly innovating, enabling our users to develop their business with greater peace of mind, thanks to key RentalReady features, boosted by AI

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